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Blogs Tell a lot about Summer Camp February 24 http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/joe-thornton-sharks-jersey-c-6/ , 2013 | Author: Jeff Lorenz | Posted in Parenting Summer Camp
Before you send your child to a summer camp it is a good idea to get a good feeling about a particular camp. Checking out a camp blog can help. Here are just a few things you might find at Swift Nature Camp’s Blog.Camp Blog

Famed author Richard Louv, of Last Child in the Woods: is alarmed by this un-touching of nature. He calls it Nature-deficit disorder and sad situation in child development. He feels there is a link between lack of outdoor play and increase in obesity, attention disorders, and depression.

It seems as if we are learning more thatSummer Camp helps children grow into mature adults. A new British study finds that most modern parents overprotect their kids. Half of all kids have stopped climbing trees, and 17 percent have been told that they can’t play tag or chase. Even hide-and-seek has been deemed dangerous. And that dreaded stick…”will put out someone’s eye”. It is easy to blame technology for the decline in outdoor play, but it may well be mom and dad. Adrian Voce of Play England says ‘Children are not being allowed many of the freedoms that were taken for granted when we were children,’ ‘They are not enjoying the opportunities to play outside that most people would have thought of as normal when they were growing up.’ According to the Guardian, “Voce argued that it was becoming a ‘social norm’ for younger children to be allowed out only when accompanied by an adult. ‘Logistically that is very difficult for parents to manage because of the time pressures on normal family life,’ he said. ‘If you don’t want your children to play out alone and you have not got the time to take them out then they will spend more time on the computer.’ The Play England study quotes a number of play providers who highlight the benefits to children of taking risks. ‘Risk-taking increases the resilience of children,’ said one. ‘It helps them make judgments http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/joe-pavelski-sharks-jersey-c-4/ ,’ said another. We as parents want to play it safe and we need to rethink safety vs adventure. The research also lists examples of risky play that should be encouraged including fire-building, den-making, water sports, paint-balling, boxing and climbing trees. Summer camp provides an excellent opportunity for children to get outside take risks and play, all while still while being supervised by concerned young adults…we call counselors. See how Swift Nature Camp can put Adventure back into your child’s life.

Catching frogs from camps own beaver pond is a huge camp sport at Swift Nature Camp. it is a challenge too. The big Bull Frogs put up a big battle to free them selves. We even have a favorite bull from the biggest meanest frog of them all JIMBO. Yes he is our mascot and is pictured on this page. Catching frogs is one of favorite things to do at this children’s summer camp. One of the best hunting spots is the lamp poles at night. You see the frogs come up from the pond at night looking for food and all the bugs hanging around the light will do just fine. One might wonder are you eating all these favorite catches. Nope they gan spend on night up at the Nature Center Zoo where they hang with the other animals anc catches then its back to where they were caught at. Next summer, join us for some serious frog catching.

Horses! Enough said. Today’s children often have their first interactions with a horse at summer camp. For most of us living the urban dream it is hard to have enough time in a day or space to own a horse. Yet at camp, children have the opportunity to get back to our American roots and have a relationship with a horse. Yes, a relationship! Horses have personalities, even more so than your family dog. Because they can do so much more http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/david-schlemko-sharks-jersey-c-7/ , carry you through the woods on trails to places campers have never seen before. Our goal at Swift Nature Camp is to help children build this relationship while understanding basic horse care while learning how to ride.

We at Swift Nature Camp believe that your child’s safety is the most important part of camp. That is why we have a strict Life jacket rule. Everyone must wear a PDF when in a boat. No exceptions, staff and campers alike. This is true if on a river canoe trip or on on our own camp lake. Water is so much fun and kids love it but it is dangerous and we must be prepared. We even have a special “titanic test” to ensure that our life jacket fits nice and snug in case of an emergency. Campers learn this the first day of camp.

For additional information on how to pick the perfect camp for your camper seeSummerCampAdvice

Swift Nature Camp, a non-competitive, traditional coed Children’s Summer Camp. Boys and Girls Ages 6-15 enjoy nature & science at this Environmental Summer Camps

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